Thursday, July 31, 2014

Food Rehab

12:34 PM
So, normally my "fresh start" or new attempt to eating and being healthy would begin on a Monday and preferably before 8 AM. But, it's noon and I guess a positive mind-set isn't something I should shoo away so early after waking up. It's the last day of July and although my bikini body should have been here long ago I have to keep on truckin' right? Maybe I can focus on the health for now and the bod later I guess. 
My breakfast is featured above. It got me thinking about the word breakfast. It is named so because you are breaking the fast. I on the other hand am breaking a deep food coma. One in which I fell into after devouring 10 chicken nuggets, a large fry, a large sprite, and 1+ row of oreos... and a glass of milk. I don't necessarily feel like I deserve to eat breakfast. I deserve a cold shower and to do sit-ups til I either vomit or pass out. However, I have the valid excuse that my metabolism will dwindle down to nothing if I don't eat now, and also... I love breakfast. I'm looking forward to the day I wake up starving and beyond excited to have egg whites with a side of fresh fruit. Ha!
I'm shooting for August to be my month of positive change! I had a few things to take care of the past couple of weeks.  And I'm not anywhere near having everything figured out, but I think I'm in a better frame of mind. I can try to give all my hyper palatable foods a kick in the ass. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping my sugar-salt-sugar-salt relationship can be done and over with. My drug of choice is indeed food. So I raise my coffee cup and make a toast to myself and all others trying to fight the addiction. Food rehab starts today!


Looking for a running buddy (with 4 paws) 

Looking forward to: 

Hiking Tallulah Gorge on Saturday
Wearing my new sports bra from UnderArmour


Organic Multi-grain Waffles (2)
Strawberries (1/2 cup)
Ground Flax Seed (1 TBSP)
Black Coffee

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  1. Here's to August!!! New and exciting things are going to happen this month. You got this!!!